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December 2006: Western China gallery online (189 photos).

January 2006: Update of the Pakistan gallery (39 new photos) with pictures of Hoper Glacier, Gulmit & Passu and the Karakoram Highway.

October 2005: Third Quarterly TerraNomada newsletter: View the online version.

September 2005: Pakistan gallery online (174 photos).

August 2005: Southern Laos gallery online (37 photos).

July 2005: Maldives gallery online (30 photos).

June 2005: Dolphins section online (12 photos) with selection of pictures of wild dolphins photographed in the Gulf of Aqaba (Egypt).

May 2005: Highlights section online with 65 of our best photos.

April 2005: Second Quarterly TerraNomada newsletter: View the online version.

March 2005: Indonesia gallery online (56 photos) and update of Myanmar (Burma) gallery with pictures of Kyaiktiyo (14 photos).

February 2005: Cambodia gallery online (207 photos).

February 2005: Some of my Tibetan photographs are shown on a photo exposition at the City Hall of The Hague. In the second half of 2005 this exposition will move the Shanghai (China).

January 2005: First Quarterly TerraNomada newsletter. View the online version.

January 2005: Myanmar (Burma) gallery online (262 photos).

December 2004: TerraNomada.com launches it's first online gallery: Tibet (143 photos).


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