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The Quarterly TerraNomada Newsletter

October 2005 | Member edition

An update of three successful quarters

A selection of portraits








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Enjoy some of the remoter parts of this world

Looking back at TerraNomada's first three quarters, we can say that we had some very successful months with already over 1000 images online in 8 galleries and visitors  growing at a rate of 25% per month.

This quarter's galleries will take you to some of the remoter parts of the world; along the mighty Mekong river in Southern Laos, to paradise in the Maldives, to the underwater world with wild dolphins in the Gulf of Aqaba and to Asia's most mind bending landscapes in Pakistan.

Next to the four new galleries we have put online in the last quarter, we have created a highlight gallery. This section consists of the top 65 photos that are selected by you and represent the most viewed photos from TerraNomada in random order.

Have fun browsing through our photographs in the four new galleries we have put online. Please provide us with feedback and share with us your thoughts of what you think are our best pictures. The site is updated every month with new material so visit regularly for new countries and photographs.

Thanks for reading.
Dennis Kaarsgaarn & Elmer Jutte

This quarters highlights


Pakistan offers without doubt one of Asia's most incredible landscapes. Owing to its position on old trade and invasion routes, Pakistan is also an amazing kaleidoscope of people and languages.


A thousand shades of blue. The Maldives is often called 'the last paradise on earth' and offers indeed all the right ingredients: pristine tropical islands with waying palm trees, pure white beaches and brilliant turquoise lagoons.


Southern Laos

Beautifully situated along the Mekong River banks, most of Southern Laos villages offer fascinating glimpses into traditional river-style village life. Currently online are pictures of Pakse and Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands).

Wild dolphins

Some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world is to be found along the Red Sea coast. The pick of the crop is along the southern coast of the Sinai peninsula on the Gulf of Aqaba. These pictures where taken on the coast near the small Bedouin village of Mizela (Egypt).

Coming soon: Western China - along the ancient Silk Road

Next month's gallery takes you on a trip along the ancient Silk Road. Western China's vast deserts and arid plains stretch for thousands of kilometers before ending abruptly at the foot of the towering mountain ranges of Tibet. This region is one of the most interesting in China, packed with history, archaeological remains, ethnic variety, superb landscapes and vibrant Central Asian culture.

Our site is updated every month. Visit regularly for new countries and photographs.

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