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Myanmar – or Burma as it is still better known in the West – is a country of gold-sheathed pagodas, magnificent temple ruins and peaceful monks and nuns. A country where the curse of modernization has barely made an imprint and the serenity of the past can be quietly savoured in the present. A place where the ruins of ancient and glorious kingdoms stand stark and unrenovated, where cities and towns retain their ambience and charm, and where people are courteous and mindful of others. However, to those who know it, Myanmar is a land of mystifying contradictions, a country whose spirited people have withstood centuries of oppression, from Kublai Khan to the present military regime.

Pictures of Yangon
Yangon (25 images)
Pictures of Inle Lake
Inle Lake (67 images)
Pictures of Kalaw
Kalaw (34 images)
Pictures of Mandalay
Mandalay (22 images)
Pictures of the area around Mandalay
Around Mandalay (48 images)
Pictures of Bagan
Bagan (45 images)
Pictures of the Coast
Coast (21)
Pictures of Kyaiktiyo
Kyaiktiyo (14)

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