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Indonesia (Bali)

As part of the 5200-kilometre-long Indonesian archipelago, Bali and its beaches is for many tourists true paradise on earth. With an infinite number of multiple star beach resorts, hotels and guesthouses Bali welcomes a million plus visitors on holiday each year. But behind the touristy curtain lies an unprecedented richness of Balinese culture based on a deep-rooted century old religion. Not for nothing Bali remains the only Hindu society in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. But also the island itself has a lot to offer, varying from amazing underwater sceneries to breathtaking rice-paddies and volcanic hillsides.

Pictures of Central and Southern Bali
Central & Southern Bali (17 images)
Pictures of Eastern Bali
Eastern Bali (21 images)
Pictures of Northern Bali
Northern Bali (18 images)

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