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Eastern Bali

The eastern part of Bali is characterised by volcanic landscapes and sweeping rice terraces. Many visitors experience Eastern Bali often as a passage to the islands Nusa penida, Lombok and the Gili Islands . But places like Padang Bai, Candi Dasa, Tirtagangga and Amed offers a great mixture of quiet recreation and local culture.

A familiar view: colourfull decorated statue in Candi Dasa. A boat on the west side of Gili Meno waiting for the tide.Detail of a fontain of the water palace in Tirtagangga.A hidden buddha statue in East Bali.A Balinese boy traditionally dressed up in Amlapura.A evening view of the lagoon in Candi Dasa.A handy scooter in Sengigi Lombok carrying sigarettes and liquids.Balinese statues covered with moss in Bangli.A rare market near the sea in Candi Dasa.

A hawk on Gili meno. A view on Lombok on the way to the Gili's.A fruit basket to worship the Balinese gods in Padang Bai.Details of Balinese doors.The annual temple celebration in Candi Dasa.A typical Balinese fisherboat guarded by locals.A table full of worship flowers and fruits.An overview of a local market near the sea in Candi Dasa.A land worker near Culik.A local Gili lady strolling the beaches at low tide on Gili Meno.Spashing of the boats in Candi Dasa.A traditional Balinese painting showing an intepretation of the countryside.
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