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Northern Bali

Covering roughly the triangle between Bedugul, Tejakula and Singaraja, North Bali is one of the least visited parts of the island. This part embraces a slower pace, a cooler climate and a narrow coastal line hosting small fishing villages. A great area to escape the crowded tourist areas.

A touch of Java on the flight to Denpasar.A Balinese citizen of Singaraja.A rice farmer overlooking its fields in North Bali.A hairy tree in Bukti.A portrait of a local youngster.A waterfull ricefield displaying on the many green field variations.Details of funeral offerings in Lovina.A waterfall bottom up on the way from Bedugul to Lovina.A young balinese in traditional clothing.

A rice field view on Gunung Agung.A local lady mirroring her piece of painted stone art.A statue overlooking a valley near Gunung Agung.Photographed on his 6 months birthday in Pondok Batu.A rice field valley in North-South Bali.A display of Balinese funeral offerings.A young child wondering the camera lens.Garuda displayed in a Balinese craftmenship.The neverending story of Bali, indefinite green ricefields.
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