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Lhasa - The Potala

The Potala is a structure of massive proportions and an awe-inspiring place to explore. However, unlike the Jokhang, which hums with activity, the Potala lies dormant like a huge museum, and the lifelessness of the highly symbolic building constantly reminds visitors that the Dalai Lama has been forced to take his government elsewere. That said, your first sight of the Potala will be a magical moment that you will remember for a long time.

The moon sets over the Potala Palace from the roof of the Jokhang. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaA small lake in front of the Potala "Welcom to Lhasa". Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaView of the Potala from the West Gate of Lhasa. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaThe Potala with the White and the Red Palace. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaA MIG on the Potala square. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaThe Potala Palace and pilgrims. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaTibetan pilgrims walking the Potala Kora. Lhasa, Tibet, China

A Tibetan pilgrim walking the Potala Kora. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaA Tibetan pilgrim walking the Potala Kora spinning prayer wheels. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaA view over Lhasa and the valley from the roof of the Red Potala Palace. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaYak-butter lamps inside the Potala. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaMirrors in a stall on the Potala Kora reflecting a Tibetan pilgrim. Lhasa, Tibet, ChinaThe Potala, prayer flags, new buildings, old buildings, a bit of everything. Lhasa, Tibet, China
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